Maggie Taylor

A lot of design teachers would show students examples of graphic designers and photographers however none of the artists really stood out to me like Maggie Taylor.

Her artwork is so unique, she creates such a fascinating narrative with her surrealist mashups – even her technique is uncommon. By scanning her objects using an open flatbed scanner in a dark room* (pitch-black room to process photos) she creates depth in her photos.

Mood lifter Maggie Taylor 2001                                                                                      Mood Lifter – 2001

The Beacon Maggie Taylor 2009
                                                                                    The Beacon – 2009

The Collector Maggie Taylor 2009
                                                                                   The Collector –  2009

Woman with a stone skirt Maggie Taylor 2005
                                                                       Woman with a Stone Skirt – 2005

*Her technique is quoted from one of my design professors.

Source: Maggie Taylor

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