Lesson on Portraits – Charcoal on Newsprint

I have always avoided drawing people, well, in particular; their eyes, lips…noses… basically the whole entire face. And unfortunately this week was all about portraits in my drawing course. I was completely terrified, but after my professor explained some simple rules of drawing faces, I was eager to try.

Portrait Practice - Charcoal on 18X24" Newsprint

Portrait Practice – Charcoal on 18X24″ Newsprint

She eased us into it by putting dramatic lighting on our live models so they would be easier to draw. I kept starting over so I wasn’t able to complete a full portrait but every time I restarted I learned something new about drawing faces so i don’t regret it.

First progress shot

First progress shot

Second progress shot

Second progress shot

Charcoal on 12x18" Newsprint

Charcoal on 12×18″ Newsprint

That night I went home and practiced on an image I found online… I was completely amazed by my progress in one day.

I would love to see other people’s portrait work.


2 thoughts on “Lesson on Portraits – Charcoal on Newsprint

  1. Lynn says:

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